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The Operation to Save the Waffen SS Monsters
The Operations to Track Down, Hunt Down and Assassinate Nazis in Canada and the West
Based on Polish Intelligence and Jewish Organizations' Archives


Following the German crushing defeat at Stalingrad and Kursk, the US and Britain understood that Soviet Russia would win the war. The Western allies rushed to preserve German intelligence and military resources for a future Third World War. Before the end and following the Second World War German scientists, intelligence officers, and hardened military units were spirited out of the Eastern Front and regrouped in the West as "stay-behind armies". Some were sent out of Europe, to Australia, South America, the US and Canada. Among them were Estonian, Latvian and Ukrainian members of the Waffen SS, mass murderers responsible for ethnic cleansing of Poles, Jews, Byelorussians, Russians, Roma and everyone else they considered subhuman. Many had lived out their days in their new host countries. Some became embedded in decision-making power centers. Some had met untimely death at the hands of the avengers...

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