Jack King A New King of Thrillers


a novel


Hubris by Jack King follows 6 American families, from humble beginings, to organized crime and rise to oligarchy. 6 sweeping sagas of the super-rich and their devastating impact on the country and the world, from the assassination of a sitting president, to commiting genocide abroad and waging war on their own compatriots. Their example exposes the hubris of the US rulling class that built a fascist empire only to precipitate its crashing collapse. This 600-page epic novel spans over 150 years, from the First Civil War to the imminent Second Civil War and the ensuing WWIII...

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Category: Deep State, Oligarchy, American Empire, Propaganda, Indoctrination, Disinformation, Misinformation, Malinformation, Thought Control, Cold War, Civil War, Security State, Fascism, World War 3,

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