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Welcome to my personal list of literary agents and publishers / editors acquiring commercial fiction. The list helped me find a literary agent who robbed me, and an editor who published me. All information came from open sources: Google, blogs, testimonials, industry publications, etc.

The list is not maintained, and I am keeping it for historical records only. These lists are no longer necessary. It is now exceedingly easy to find any number of publishing contacts in no time. They are at your fingertips. Use the data provided here as a starting point. Most of the people listed on these pages are in business. Some started their own companies, others merged, moved, or changed genres of interest, etc. Follow them, and they will lead you to a wealth of new contacts. Figuring out the contact information is the easiest part. Simply use company formula to decipher email addresses.

A few words of advice, if I may. Ask yourself: Why do you write? Do you simply want to see your name on a book cover, in a bookshop? In this case your best bet is to follow the flavor of the month. Search out the current MSWL, and toss off a novel in a few weeks. They'll snatch it and ask for more. I know it can be done. I wrote a novel in 35 days, and I have writing friends who release new novels monthly.

If you aspire to write something longer lasting: Do not be trigger-happy. Finish, and edit your manuscript. Pass it around to your beta readers, local book club / groups, etc. Edit again. Put it away for 6 months. Read it. If it still holds - query.

Target properly (no point querying a children's picture book agent / editor, with a gory horror story).

What to expect? Most agents / editors will not reply at all. It's a strange world, I know. I worked with some of the most despicable people in the world, truly malignant government slugs (are there any other kind?). Yet, if you wrote to them, they'd write back, if only a form letter. Meanwhile most agents don't have the decency to say a simple: "No, thanks." Editors are a somwhat different story. Most publishing houses forbid editors from considering submissions from writers. Yet, some will. It depends how high you aim. An editorial assistant might be too low on the company ladder, even if she acquires, whereas an executive might bend the rules. That's how I became a published author.

Query by email. Skip Query Forms, if you want to keep your sanity, as these are a nightmare to keep track of. Use a good email client, one that allows you to search by a variety of ways: To, From, Body, etc. You'll appreciate it after sending out hundreds of queries. Be careful before submitting your manuscript to personal, rather than company emails. Consider this: submitting a manuscript to a Gmail address means giving away the entire book to Alphabet. Be persistent, and do not give up.



DAW Books, Inc.,
375 Hudson St., 3rd Floor,
New York NY 10014-3658.
Peter Stampfel, submissions editor


Dissident Books
P.O. Box 20547
New York, NY 10021-0070


Dorchester Publishing
276 Fifth Ave., Suite 1008,
New York, NY 10001
Don D'Auria, Executive Editor.
CHANGE: Don is out, and Dorchester no longer publishes print books, concentrating solely on ebooks.


Drake Valley Press
Patricia Terrell
pmterrell@drakevalleypress.com (BOUNCEd)


ECW Press
2120 Queen Street East, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario M4E 1E2
Michael Holmes
Jennifer Knoch


Elder Signs Press
P.O. Box 389
Lake Orion, MI 48361-0389
Queries: editor@eldersignspress.com

Elder Signs Press (ESP Books) is a publisher of quality genre fiction. It publishes 8-10 books a year. When submitting please use the standard submission format — submissions that do not use this format will be destroyed. Please be sure to read the guidelines before submitting. ESP Books is the primary book line for Elder Signs Press. For other genres, consider our imprint: Dimensions Books
Strong characters who with developed personalities that motivate them are important to the story. Intriguing plots or the unexpected are also essential. Exploration of the human condition and the unknown are works that make ideal candidates for publication.
Dark Fantasy
Dark Fiction Thrillers
Science Fiction
Supernatural Thrillers


Faber and Faber UK
Bloomsbury House
74-77 Great Russell Street
London WC1B3DA
Direct Dial:0044 (0) 2079273825
Archana Rao


Tom Doherty Associates, LLC,
175 Fifth Avenue, 14th Floor,
New York NY 10010.
Fax: (212) 677-7456
Natalia Aponte, Editor
Claire Eddy, editor (susp)
Independent aquisitor: Patrick LoBrutto
plob@mindspring.com ( runs editing business)
Melissa Ann Singer Senior Editor
Bob Gleason Editor
We have an open submissions policy and consider tens of thousands of projects a year. Every proposal that reaches us is reviewed by at least one member of the editorial staff. We apologize in advance for replying primarily with form letters; unfortunately, there's no other way to handle responses in a timely manner.
Please read this entire section before submitting; following our guidelines will ensure you a fair hearing by our editorial staff.
Please note that these guidelines are intended for writers who do not have agents.
Your submissions packet should include:
The first three chapters of your book, prepared in standard manuscript format on white paper. (If your chapters are really short or really long, or you don't use chapter breaks, you may send the first 40-60 pages of your book, provided you stay under 10,000 words.) The submitted text must be made up of consecutive pages and should end at the end of a paragraph, not in mid-sentence. Standard manuscript format means margins of at least 1 inch all the way around; indented paragraphs; double-spaced text; and Courier or Times Roman in 10 or 12 pitch. Please use one side of the page only and do not justify the text. Do not bind the manuscript in any way. Make sure the header of the ms. includes either your name or the title of the book and the page number (on every page).
A synopsis of the entire book. The synopsis should include all important plot elements, especially the end of the story, as well as aspects of character development for your main characters. The synopsis should run between three and ten pages in standard manuscript format.
A dated cover letter that includes your name and contact information and the title of the submitted work. Briefly tell us what genre or subgenre the submission falls into and mention any qualifications you have that pertain to the work. Please list any previous publications in paying markets.
A self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope for our reply letter. Unfortunately, it's no longer possible for us to return submissions due to a change in postal service policy that requires packages weighing more than a pound be mailed at a post office. Since we use a company mailroom rather than a post office, when we try to return submissions, they are sent back to us by the postal service or disappear in transit. We recycle your proposals. (That's not a euphemism for being tossed in a wastebasket--we recycle all white paper.) If you live outside the United States, please go to http://www.usps.com/onlinepostage to see internet postage options. If you do not include an SASE, you will not receive a reply at all.
Please send only one proposal in each submissions packet. If you have written a series, send a proposal for the first book only. If we like what we see, we'll ask for the rest.
Many people include postcards for us to return when the proposal reaches us. Unfortunately, we don't open submissions until we're ready to read them, so you'll likely get the "I got it" postcard the same day you receive our response to your project.
If you want to be sure that your manuscript was delivered to our offices, please ask for a return receipt or a signature confirmation when you post it.
Don't stop reading! Here are some tips to help the whole process work smoothly:
Don't send a query letter. It's practically impossible to judge a project from a query. We'd rather see your proposal.
Don't send submissions or inquiries by email or fax. We do not respond to emailed or faxed submissions, queries, or inquiries about the status of submissions.
Don't send disks. We want to read words in black type on white paper. And it's not that we don't trust you, but your system might have viruses you don't know about.
Don't send us the only copy of anything. Things get lost in transit.
Don't send interior or cover art or an author photo. There's time for that later, if we like your project.
Don't send jewelry, food, toys, 3-dimensional representations of anything, or anything that might be construed as a bribe. Over the years, we've seen all of the following and more: handmade bracelets and earrings, anatomical models, home-baked cookies, fine fabrics, fancy bookmarks, cocoanuts, fancy manuscript boxes . . ..None of this has any impact on our consideration of your work. The work has to sink or swim on its own merits.
Address submissions as follows:
Paranormal Romance: Acquisitions Editor, Paranormal Romance
Science fiction and fantasy: Acquisitions Editor, Science Fiction and Fantasy
General fiction of all types including mysteries, thrillers, mainstream fiction, women's fiction, and horror: Acquisitions Editor, Fiction
Children's and Young Adult: Acquisitions Editor, Children's and Young Adult Division Note: We publish books for chapter book, middle grade, and young adult audiences. We do not publish picture books.
Generally we respond to unsolicited submissions within 4-6 months. Unfortunately, your manuscripts and our replies sometimes go astray in transit. Because of the volume of submissions, it's not possible for us to track down any individual project; please don't call for a status report. If you have not heard back from us after six months, please resubmit.



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