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spywriter See what it took to publish my first novel spywriter

Welcome to my personal list of literary agents and publishers / editors acquiring commercial fiction. The list helped me find a literary agent who robbed me, and an editor who published me. All information came from open sources: Google, blogs, testimonials, industry publications, etc.

The list is not maintained, and I am keeping it for historical records only. These lists are no longer necessary. It is now exceedingly easy to find any number of publishing contacts in no time. They are at your fingertips. Use the data provided here as a starting point. Most of the people listed on these pages are in business. Some started their own companies, others merged, moved, or changed genres of interest, etc. Follow them, and they will lead you to a wealth of new contacts. Figuring out the contact information is the easiest part. Simply use company formula to decipher email addresses.

A few words of advice, if I may. Ask yourself: Why do you write? Do you simply want to see your name on a book cover, in a bookshop? In this case your best bet is to follow the flavor of the month. Search out the current MSWL, and toss off a novel in a few weeks. They'll snatch it and ask for more. I know it can be done. I wrote a novel in 35 days, and I have writing friends who release new novels monthly.

If you aspire to write something longer lasting: Do not be trigger-happy. Finish, and edit your manuscript. Pass it around to your beta readers, local book club / groups, etc. Edit again. Put it away for 6 months. Read it. If it still holds - query.

Target properly (no point querying a children's picture book agent / editor, with a gory horror story).

What to expect? Most agents / editors will not reply at all. It's a strange world, I know. I worked with some of the most despicable people in the world, truly malignant government slugs (are there any other kind?). Yet, if you wrote to them, they'd write back, if only a form letter. Meanwhile most agents don't have the decency to say a simple: "No, thanks." Editors are a somwhat different story. Most publishing houses forbid editors from considering submissions from writers. Yet, some will. It depends how high you aim. An editorial assistant might be too low on the company ladder, even if she acquires, whereas an executive might bend the rules. That's how I became a published author.

Query by email. Skip Query Forms, if you want to keep your sanity, as these are a nightmare to keep track of. Use a good email client, one that allows you to search by a variety of ways: To, From, Body, etc. You'll appreciate it after sending out hundreds of queries. Be careful before submitting your manuscript to personal, rather than company emails. Consider this: submitting a manuscript to a Gmail address means giving away the entire book to Alphabet. Be persistent, and do not give up.



McArthur & Company
322 King Street West, Suite 402
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1J2
(416) 408-4007
Kim McArthur, Publisher
Suspense, Mystery, Thriller

CLOSED 2013. Kim McArthur started a literary agency.


Medallion Press
26609 Castleview Way
Wesley Chapel, Fl 33543
Submissions Editor: Kerry Estevez
Christy Phillippe
c/o Medallion Press
8988 South Sheridan Road, Ste. L,
Box 216
Tulsa, OK 74133


Midnight Ink
2143 Wooddale Drive
Woodbury, MN, 55125-2989
Bill Krause

Thank you for your interest in Midnight Ink. We are currently closed to unsolicited submissions. We are accepting queries by referral from existing authors or from agents only at this time.

Submissions and queries referred by an existing Midnight Ink author are welcome in the form of a Microsoft Word file or PDF attached to an email to submissions@midnightinkbooks.com.

Please do not send queries or manuscripts by regular mail or by fax.

Midnight Ink accepts complete manuscripts and proposals. Outlined below is the procedure for submitting your materials.

Your submission must include the following:
Cover letter containing a brief description of the project and the contents of the package.
An outline and synopsis of the book.
Brief summary of the author's background and credentials.
Complete manuscript in the form of a Microsoft Word or PDF file.
Your complete daytime contact information including telephone and email.
Name, address, and phone number of agent (if applicable).


Mira Books, (Harlequin),
300 E. 42nd Street, 6th Floor,
New York, NY 10017225;
Submissions sent to Canada:
225 Duncan Mill Road,
Don Mills, Ontario, M3B 3K9
Publishes thrillers 100,000 – 150,000 words
Margaret Marbury Executive Editor
Linda McFall acquisitions editor
Brenda Chin


Mundania Press

Mundania Press is open for unsolicited submissions during the months of March, April, September, and October each year. During these four months we are seeking top quality entertaining novels, novellas, and short stories from new and previously-published authors from around the world.
Novels are released simultaneously in trade paperback and eBook editions. Short Novels (under 60,000 words), Anthologies, Novellas, and Short Stories are released in eBook edition.
We are closed to unsolicited submissions in January, February, May, June, July, August, November, and December each year. During these months, we only accept submissions from our existing authors or solicited submissions.
Please do not submit during the closed months unless you are an existing Mundania Press or Phaze Books author. Unsolicited submissions and queries will not be considered nor answered during these months.

Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers, Inc.,
Part of RandomHouse.com
Suspense, Christian themes, mostly protestant viewpoint


New Horizon Press
P.O. Box 669
Far Hills, NJ 07931
(908) 604-6311
Query to: nhp@newhorizonpressbooks.com
Include in Subject line: "Attn: Ms. P. Patty"
True crime, Psychological thrillers


W.W. Norton Co., Inc.,
500 Fifth Ave.,
New York, NY 10110.
Q with 2-3 ch (one of which is 1st) + SASE addressed to The Editors
Maria Guarnaschelli
Bob Weil
Nancy Palmquist


Nouveau Press
Victorville, California, United States

"Produces hardcover and mass-market paperback editions with a wide range of interests in fiction and nonfiction, true crime, suspense, mysteries, romance, and women's fiction. We especially like projects with entertainment and performance-rights potential."


Otter Creek Press
3154 Nautilus Road
Middleburg, FL 32068
800-378-8163 904-264-0465 FAX: 904-264-0465


Oak Tree Press
915 W. Foothill Blvd #411
Claremont, CA 91711-3356


Other Press
2 Park Avenue, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10016
Tel: (212) 414-0054
Toll free: (877) THE OTHER
Fax: (212) 414-0939
Judith Gurewich, literary thrillers
Corinna Barsan
Katie Henderson


The Overlook Press
141 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10012
Tel: (212) 673-2210
Fax: (212) 673-2296



Catherine Crawford
Juliet Grames

The Overlook Press is an independent general-interest publisher, founded in 1971. The publishing program consists of nearly 100 new books per year, evenly divided between hardcovers and trade paperbacks. The list is eclectic, but areas of strength include interesting fiction, history, biography, drama, and design.

The publishing formula proved reliable, and now Overlook has nearly 1000 titles in print. Our fiction includes novels by solidly commercial authors including espionage novelist Robert Littell (The Company, 90,000 sold) and international phenomenon Penny Vincenzi, whose Edwardian era family saga No Angel is widely acclaimed as stunning entertainment. We expect lightning to strike again in April 2004 with Dragon\’s Eye by Andy Oakes, a poundingly paced thriller set in modern Shanghai. In a more literary vein, there is Hash by top Swedish novelist Torgny Lindgren (unlike anything you\’ve ever read – Kirkus) and Michele Slung\’s irresistible anthology of garden writing The Garden of Reading.



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